MappingAir 10 Month Meeting

By October 7, 2020 October 20th, 2020 No Comments

O n the occasion of ten months since the kick-off of the MappingAir project (GA N. 878799), on September 16th 2020, the consortium celebrated its third global meeting. It was originally intended to be held in Porto at the Omniflow’s facilities, however due to the COVID-19 emergency the partners came to the decision to schedule a remote meeting, using once again the WebEx videoconferencing application offered by CISCO.

The coordinator Bettair Cities seized the opportunity to describe in detail the recent Project Amendment (AMD 878799-2), with a new end date set for 31st of December 2021, as well as the positive assessment from the project review related to the first reporting period.

The parties discussed all the progress achieved so far, including the upcoming work. The consortium decided to update the dissemination strategy of the project to align with the specific of the post COVID-19 period, considering in first place the negative impact that the isolation measures are having on the event industry.