Bettair Cities SL is a Barcelona-based company founded with the unique purpose of exploiting the bettair® technology, a low-cost, reliable and standalone air quality sensors for NO, CO, NO2 and O3 (and other gases), together with Particulate Matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10) thanks to a novel gas post-process method and miniature engineering work, together with temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and ambient noise measurements. Find out more.


Omniflow®, located in the Business and Innovation Centre of Porto, developed a smart energy platform called Omniled that is powered by wind and solar power with integrated energy storage for IoT applications. The Smart Energy Platform Omniled, aggregates multiple service layers to be used in many applications like Smart Lighting with integration of Mobility, surveillance with smart analytics or Telecom functionalities. With Omniled, cities can transform a simple street light into a carbon neutral object that can be used for multiple IoT purposes in a single infrastructure without the need of creating new ones. Find out more.


ISGlobal is a non-profit organization that has arisen from the integration of the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL), the Barcelona Centre for International Health Research (CRESIB) and the pre-existing Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal). This integrated ISGlobal has become one of the larger research centres in Global Health in Europe with about 30 research groups, more than 350 people with affiliation to two leading universities and strong capabilities for the translation of knowledge. Find out more.

Cisco Systems, Inc., designs and sells a range of products, provides services and delivers integrated solutions to develop and connect networks around the world. In addition to its product offerings, Cisco provides a range of service offerings, including technical support services and advanced services. Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco’s networking solutions connect people, computing devices and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place or type of computer system. Find out more.


TIM S.p.A. is the main company of Telecom Italia Group, one of the leading telecom operators worldwide, strategic player in the ICT market, leader in Italy and Europe, where it represents one of the major industrial groups. The group’s companies operate in fixed and mobile National (TIM) and International (TI Sparkle) telephones, holding the largest market share in Italy and relevant international investments, first of all the mobile communication in Brazil (TIM Brasil). Find out more.